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Use to options below to adjust your account settings.

TimeZone   Timezone
Select your timezone to ensure all results are in your local time. Just select from the drop down menu and click change timezone when you have selected the correct one.

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Daily Stats Tweet   Daily Stats Tweet
Once a day our system will post a tweet showing your daily followers and non followers totals to turn this feature on/off just select from the menu below and the press change.

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Welcome Email   Thank you message
When we detect new followers our system will automatically send them a thank you message from you, below are the options to turn this on or off make sure you press change after making your selection.

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Enter your own custom welcome message
Just enter the text for your welcome message below and press save. Ensure you have turned thank you messages on above, and also your message fits under 119 characters and doesn't contain any links or this will cause the message to fail.



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