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You can now use your favourite features of Unfollowspy with the legendary music web site SoundCloud™

Followed you SoundCloud
See which people have followed your account since the last login.

Unfollowed you on SoundCloud
Our systems will monitor your account and reveal the accounts which have unfollowed you recently.


See which people you follow but they dont follow back
Returns a full list of people who are not following back your account.


See which people follow you but you dont follow back
Returns a full list of people who are not following your account but your not following them.


To begin using UnfollowSpy for SoundCloud is FREE just click the button below to login.


Connect with SoundCloud  


Please Note: If you login via facebook on the old SoundCloud (not an issue with the new version) you will need to be logged in to facebook before connecting or you will be greeted by a white screen. Sorry this is a bug with SoundCloud so there isnt much we can do until there is a fix applied. It does work fine if you are logged in first though. So follow these simple steps below.


1. Visit www.facebook.com and enter your account details
2. Then load this page and click connect and you should see a normal login box like below




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