See who unfollows

See who unfollowed you

Let our tool monitor your social media account login in daily to get a full report on who has unfollowed your account recently.
See who follows

See who Follows you

Track all your latest people to follow your social media account in real time with our live reports. You can log in and view who your new friends are on social media networks.
List Non Followers

Remove Non Followers

Easily locate and remove people who don't follow back your account and stop following them immediately using our simple easy to use high-speed admin tool.
Remove Non Followers

List Non Followers

Hunting through your account and finding those who don't follow back can be a tough task, well it used to be with our simple tool you generate a list of these followers.
Welcome DM

Find Followers by Keyword

You can locate new people to follow based on a certain keyword or topic and receive information about the user. Their likelihood to follow you back and other in-depth statistics.
Check Friendships Tool

Friend Checker

With this tool, you can view which accounts follow each other without the need for trawling through pages and pages of followers. Ideal to see if that friend really does have a celebrity follower.
Shoutout/Mention Tool

Find Inactive Users

Scan your list of friends and locate those who haven't tweeted in a while, and remove them in seconds using our new tool you can find inactive accounts from weeks, months or years back.
Friend Finder Tool

Grow your network

Scan through the followers of another user, and search for a certain keyword that matches your topic. Use this information to locate new people to follow who share your interests and grow your social circle of friends.
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Stalker App

Mobile Version Available

Use Unfollowspy with ease using our mobile version which renders fantastically on a wide range of devices including high-end smartphones and tablets. Including Samsung, Apple, Nokia and Sony Ericsson.