How to cancel your premium account

This article teaches people who have purchased a premium account to cancel it

Step 1:

Login in to the paypal account you use for the recurring payment. This is done by visiting and signing in using your own login and password details.

Login to Paypal

Step 2:

Select settings from the top right hand corner near the sign out button

Click Settings Icon

On the settings page scroll down the bottom right hand corner and you will see a menu called payment settings. Click the per-approved payments option.

Locate Payment Settings

This will display a list of pre approved payments on your account. Locate the unfollowspy option and click the link.

Pre Approved Window

You will see full details of the subscription listed. Click the cancel option below the items details.

Sub Details

A pop up will appear to confirm press cancel profile.

Cancel Select

A confirmation page will confirm its been done OK.


Your premium payments profile is now canceled and we wont bill you again. Your premium account will remain valid until the next payment date. It will then be canceled and all links accounts will return to standard accounts. No further money can be taken from your paypal account.