How to make your account a premium one

By reading this article we assume you have an access key to make an account a premium one. If not you can learn how to purchase one by viewing the premium sales page.

Step 1:

Visit and login via the home page, using the sign in with Twitter button. If your logged in with a different account to the one you wish to make premium, you need to logout of that account first.

Step 2:

Enter the login details of the Twitter account you wish to make premium.

Sign in to Twitter

Step 3:

Once logged in on the first page you see the summary screen scroll down to the section that says ACCOUNT TYPE and click the question mark Question Mark icon next to the text.

Showing Dash

This will take you to the add premium page. Now enter the access key you where issued via email in the box and press submit.

Show details

You will see a confirmation message like below.


Success your account has now become a premium one. All the added features are now available to you. ENJOY!

To add a second Twitter account to your premium package

First logout of the twitter account you are currently logged in as, and then go back to step 1 and start again.