FAQ'S Section

Find below a selection of the most commonly asked questions about UnfollowSpy's social media management tool.

General questions

Is this service really free?

Yes, our tool is free to use there are no charges, and no need to register a debit or credit card to use our service.

How do I sign up?

Just visit our homepage, and follow the link for the social network you wish to sign up using.

How do I remove Unfollowspy?

Please follow this simple guide to remove the application from your Twitter account.

How I report a bug or issue?

We are continually looking for ways to improve our application and always welcome people’s ideas and promise to add the best ones. Just send us a message via the contact page and let us know your comments or suggestions. Always be sure to check the known issue page though first. https://www.unfollowspy.com/help/knownissues.html

I have a feature suggestion

We are constantly looking for ways to improve our application and always welcome peoples ideas and promise to add the best ones. Simply send us a message via the contact page and let us know your comments or suggestion.

I can't see the links menu on mobile?

This issue can sometimes happen when the page isn't loaded correctly first, try refreshing the page a few times if not then try clearing your temporary Internet files or website data. This issue can vary depending on the device so use google or alike for instructions if unsure.

What is the white list tool?

This option allows you to filter certain accounts out from showing on 2 separate tools only.

1. The not follow back tool
2. The doesn't follow you back tool

To add people to this list simply click the show more option, that appears at the bottom of the profile box, and the button will appear to add to whitelist.

Why do Unfollowed results not show all people?

Sometimes when a user's account is deleted or permanently suspended from Twitter the user's details will disappear from the Twitter API, therefore, we are unable to load information about these accounts. In some cases, the users will appeal or undelete their accounts and appear back within a short period. These will show as a new follower again once they're redetected as live again. You can read more about this scenario by clicking here

Premium Accounts

Premium accounts are no longer available.
What networks is Premium for ?

Our premium service is only available for Twitter users. Who wish to get even more out of unfollowspy. Our Soundcloud version is only available in the standard form to all users for free.

I paid but my account is still standard

You need to enter the special access key we emailed to you this is sent to your registered Paypal account email.

I have lost my premium key

Just enter the payment paypal address in this form, and we will sent it to you again. Ensure you check your junk/spam folders as replys can sometimes be eaten up by these.

How to I cancel a premium account ?

Just follow this step by step guide to cancel your premium account.

Twitter Version

Is there a size limit on using?

There is a 140,000 limit in place (75k followers/75k Following). If your account goes over this amount then you wont be able to use our services. To work out if your account is within the limits your friends or followers must not exceed 75,000 each. So if your friends is below 75k and followers is below 75k you are within our limits. Any accounts over these limits we are unable to support sadly and a warning message will be displayed on sign in.

Can I manage multiple accounts?

Yes, you can however you can only manage one account at a time. So, all you have to do is simply logout of each one before logging in with the next one. We offer the option to sign out of Twitter on our logout page.

Will you know my password for Twitter?

No, we use the Twitter API service which keeps all your account details private from us, all we can do is use what is called an access key to get various pieces of information about your account. For example, whom you follow, your friends, recent tweets and profile information. You can revoke access to this at any time.

How do I turn on/off stats tweet?

To turn the daily status tweet feature on or off please see the following guide.

Can I change the text of the stats tweet?

These tweets can't be changed and use a selection of preset tweets we have made. These vary depending on the totals of your stats.

How do I delete Unfollowspy from Twitter?

Please follow this simple guide to remove the application from your Twitter account. https://www.unfollowspy.com/help/removeaccount.html

What are the limits on following/unfollowing?

Standard free account limits per day

Follow 50 accounts
Unfollow 100 accounts

Please note aggressively following people isn't allowed see twitters help article on this below.

From time to time Twitter may limit an accounts ability to follow or unfollow people also see the help article below for more info

This issue may arise for one of a few reasons. Please see our help guide via the link below for more information.

Twitter rules don't allow the use of automated direct messaging, so this feature has now been completely removed from our application as of October 2017.

-The rules state you can't send a DM to a user unless that user has contacted you first. Please see more at the link below.