Error Code 89

Help Section - Error Code 89

What it means?

The error 89 token expired error means that the access key we use to gain data about your twitter account has been revoked and is no longer valid.

Reasons you might see the error code

Issue 1: Flagged for excessive follow/unfollow speed

If you have followed or unfollowed a large number of people in a single session, and are clicking quite vigorously on the unfollow or follow button. You may trigger Twitter's anti automation filter as a result the special access key, we use to extract data from Twitter about your account (named access token) is invalidated temporarily.

Issue 2: Errors with the Twitter API service

We have noticed on a number of occasions this error is thrown as the result off errors within the Twitter API itself.

Issue 3: You have revoked access to our application

Using the settings options within twitter allows you to remove (revoke access) to the token we use to gather your accounts information.

Fix Error 89 Token

How to fix error 89 issue
Estimated time to complete 1-2 minutes.

Step 1: The fix is to logout of your unfollowspy using the logout page. Note: (opens in a new window)

Step 2: Use the sign in button below to sign in again to Unfollowspy. Note: (opens in a new window. If using a tablet or smart-phone ensure pop ups aren't disabled. If not use the home page link and sign in there)

Step 3: Sign-in as usual with your Twitter account details.

Sign in to Twitter

Step 4: You will then see a screen like below asking your to authorize our application.

Authorize App Image

Click authorize app this will generate a brand new valid access token for your account. Your account will sign-in as usual.

Attempt to perform an operation of your choice again (i.e follow/unfollow). Do not attempt to perform multiple operations within minutes of reinstating your key.

if it works as normal your access key is resolved.

Didn't fix it the problem ?

If the error code persists then you may have encountered issue 1 (spam/automation filter) or issue 2 (Twitter API system error). The best known remedy is to wait at least 24 hours and try again. If attempting user operations (i.e follow/unfollow) after this time slow the time down between clicks to least a few seconds between each one, this will make your requests look unautomated and lower the risk your key becoming blocked again.

Also check your applications list for other apps, you might have linked to your account and make sure these aren't performing any automated actions.