Friends or Followers Disappearing

If you notice your friends or followers count randomly falling and can't see these user's listed under your unfollowers list there could be a wide range of reasons for this which we list below.

The scenarios for disappearing accounts:

All the scenarios mentioned below will result in

  • Account's becoming unavailable via direct link
  • Twitter's own in house search engine
  • The Twitter API (which we use to display live data).
  • No account showing when clicking on a tweet or DM from the user's @username

User has deleted their account

Sometimes people will delete their account as they no longer wish to be on Twitter anymore. Once a user does this their account is removed from Twitter totally and it won't be viewable. The user has 30 days to reactivate their account again before its permanently deleted for good.

User has been permanently suspended

Twitter will remove accounts that break the Twitter Rules or other local laws.

Total Locked

User has been removed due to spam purges

Every once in awhile Twitter performs spam purges during these they remove low-quality accounts that post duplicate content or use automated bots to spam people with mentions or follows etc. There are many ways people can be flagged for spamming a lot more than can be mentioned in one paragraph, but we're sure you've all seen spammy accounts in your usage of Twitter.

User hasn't unlocked their account and its been removed

Sometimes accounts are half locked when a user has been flagged for breaking rules, or maybe security issues have caused it to locked. If a user doesn't unlock their account within a certain period the account will go from half suspended to fully suspended this means all trace of the account is fully removed from the Twitter system.

An example of a half locked account is below. Read more about half locked account's here.

Example of error

Can I view any data about permanently deleted accounts?

No, once an account is deleted in any of the above mentioned cases no data is available, expect for the half locked scenario in this case we can still load full data about the user.

Can these accounts appear again?

Yes, sometimes people will unlock their accounts or chose to cancel their deletion request within 30 days of requesting it. In this scenario, the user will reappear under the new follower's tab again. Your original friendship will remain the same and they will return to your friends or followers count again.