Remove Unfollowspy - Twitter

If you wish to remove Unfollowspy for Twitter service, then we are sorry to see you leave. If you have any comments or suggestions, then we always welcome them, or if you are not sure on how to turn certain features on or off. Then please see the guides below.


How to Turn daily status updates on or off

However, if you still wish to remove the application, then follow these steps.

Step 1

Login to Twitter first.

Click to open (opens in a new window like below)

Sign in to Twitter

Step 2

Once logged in top right-hand corner you will see a small icon that matches your profile picture, tap this and the settings menu option will appear. Scroll down, and you will see the settings and privacy option. (desktop only, for tablet and mobile, see below)

Example Of Twitter page

On the left-hand side, then you will see the following options click the apps option.

Settings menu

MOBILE/TABLET USERS: Just click the link below (be signed in to Twitter first)

Step 3

From this menu click the revoke access tab this will remove the Unfollowspy tool from your Twitter account.

Revoke Access image

Your account is closed, and Unfollowspy can no longer perform any actions on your account.

Please note: If you do wish to use our tool again in the future, log back in via the home page and once logged in your account will be reinstated.