This users account is temporarily locked

If you see the warning message below a user profile action button as below.

Profile Error

The error message shows "Account suspected as temporarily locked/suspended." The text doesn't mean the user has necessarily unfollowed your account. However, their Twitter account is in a locked state, and they'll disappear off the follower's list of everyone whom they follow. This is the case until the user unlocks their account. Either by confirming their phone number or email address. Until that data is verified, and the user's account is unlocked again, they won't be able to use Twitter.

If you click on the said users Twitter profile, you will see a warning message like below.

Caution Locked

Why are accounts locked or restricted?

There is a wide range of reasons this could be, and we aren't privy to such information. However, a few of the more common reasons this happens are listed here.

  • Posting spam
  • A Sign in from a unusual device or location
  • Lots of wrong password entry attempts
  • Breaking the Twitter Rules
  • Using automated tools to gain the attention of followers
  • Copyright or Legal issues
  • Hacked account

What else do I need to know about this warning?

Twitter doesn't allow us to tell if a users account is restricted by solely using the API. Which we use for extracting data, so this warning is generated using certain flags we detect. The method for creating this warning is not 100% correct all the time and is only a guideline that tells you to further investigate the said user's profile on Twitter's website.

Top tipOnce the user has unlocked their account, they will appear as following you again after a period of up to 1-3 days. So its recommended not to unfollow suspended or locked accounts instantly as this is usually the case.