Twitter Inactive Users Tool
Locate spam and inactive Twitter friends. Keep your friends list current and free of spam or low-quality accounts.
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The inactive tool offers these features

Find users with no tweets or profile pic

Following a person who hasn't posted a tweet isn't very interesting. Likewise, user's without a profile picture could be spammy or robot created accounts. You can search for either of these scenarios singularly or mix both for a real hardcore spam search.

Find user's who follow zero people

Find and locate people who aren't following any Twitter users at all. Such accounts aren't going to read your tweets or anyone else's, for that matter.

Display all verifed users

Quickly congregate a list of people you follow who have the magic blue tick and are using verified Twitter accounts.

Find user's who haven't tweeted since

You could be following people who haven't posted a tweet in ages. Using the search by date option, you can quickly locate user's whose last tweet was after a selected time. Select from days, weeks, months or years.

Mix and match any of the above features to tailor your search results.

Here's a quick overview of the tool and its features