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Friend Checker Tool

To see who follows who without the need for looking through pages and pages of friends or followers. You can simply use our tool below. Its quick and easy and unlimited to use.

All you need to perform a search is the 2 usernames you wish to check against each other a Twitter user name looks like this @twitter.

How to use Friend Checker Tool

Simply enter the usernames of the two accounts you wish to check, and our system will report back the relationship between the 2 accounts.

Example of Twitter user name to see who follows who

Above is an example of how to find a username when viewing a profile on Twitter. The red arrow shows the username field (i.e @unfollowspy).

Perform Search

Enter the details of the accounts you wish to compare below. The results appear the bottom of the page. You can use either format i.e @username or username.

Relationship Check

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