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Some people prefer to follow people on Twitter who follow them back in return. This handy admin tool will scan through your account and provide a list of people who are not following you back. Use the unfollow button under each twitter user you wish to remove/stop following and our tool will perform the unfollow operation instantly. Login daily to keep your Twitter account clean of non followers.

The chart above shows the percentage of people that don't follow your account back. This doesnt take into account any removal actions you might have just performed.

Summary of use today

Unfollowed in app today: 0

Users who dont follow back: 0 (0 users filtered by whitelist)

Details of the accounts found that don't follow you back appear below. You can view even more details about the users account by using the show more tab.

You need to be logged in to use this tool. Please visit the home page and sign in using your Twitter account.

*This users account is temporarily locked, means the users profile has been limited by Twitter. This doesn't mean the user isn't following you back, however their account is in a suspended mode, and they have disappeared off your follower list.

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